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Baduk, Made Fun and Easy vol.3

Título:      Baduk, Made Fun and Easy vol.3
Categorías:      Go
LibroID:      67
Autores:      Chihyung Nam
ISBN-10(13):      8956602670
Editorial:      EunHaeng NaMu
Fecha de publicación:      2008-10-27
Edición:      1st
Number of pages:      208
Idioma:      Inglés
Precio:      22.93 USD
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Descripción:      Product Description
Baduk, learned from a woman professional player
The series of Baduk, Made Fun and Easy for Baduk beginners has be completed with the third volume. Chihyung Nam a professional Baduk player in Korea and professor wrote the column with same title in Korea Times a english newspaper over 3 years to teach fundamental studies of Baduk to foreigners who have interest this oriental game. Nam gave you great lessons from the basic of Baduk including the terms and rules to practical steps by stages at Baduk, Made Fun and Easy Vol.1 published in 2006, and more profound lessons including Sente, Joseki, Ko, Sacrifice, Atari, and other technical skills in addition to conceptional teachings at Baduk, Made Fun and Easy Vol.2(2007). Nam has given lessons about Salvation, Bend, Openings, Death and Life at the newly-published 3rd volume so you could learn the advanced studies of basic Baduk. Baduk as a game to enjoy through your life
You can take pleasure through a game without a hard effort. Above and beyond joys of victory, to enjoy game itself apart from the consequence is the force of the game to make people love it continually. However, to discover human nature from a game and to learn how to live your life should be extraordinary. Baduk, loved from generation to generation, is the most appropriate one to cultivate your mind and to perceive a truth of a life. You could hear the Ten-Teaching from Baduk which is traditional lesson for Baduk players; The man being striving hard after winning may lose the game; Avoid meaningless contention, keep yourself under control, then you will win the victory; Be moderate, not to be biased; Don't get too hung up on the small benefit; Don't waste your time and energy to regret something already happened; No limits and no bounds to improve yourself. These are the very rules of righteous life! Certainly Baduk is the most pleasure-giving game than any other games. Even Baduk has only one important but simple rule that two people put black and white stones alternately, people used to feel difficult to play it. You should foresee what will happen several turns hence and even what the opponent think. It is a so psychological and strategic game. For beginners, it's harder. You can't get some places or teachers easily. Especially foreign amateurs have difficulty in getting useful help. Since Baduk is rooted in China, Korea and Japan, foreigners get insufficient informations evne their huge interest and demand about it. There are regular Baduk competition over the world already and many foreigners attend them. Their interest and need are getting bigger and bigger for Baduk, but its supply are not enough. The foreign devotee of Baduk could learn this meaningful and delight game from the beginning easily, and have fun with marvelous joys on the wooden board. As the author hopes, more people would taste the pleasure of Baduk with this Book.


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